Alison Parker, PhD, is a Research Scientist at innovation Research & Training. Dr. Parker received a PhD in Developmental Psychology from North Carolina State University and has extensive experience in the area of children and adolescents’ social, emotional, and cognitive development. At iRT, Dr. Parker’s work has concentrated on children and adolescents’ self-regulatory abilities and healthy decision-making through the development of prevention programs and resources as well as the creation of tools to assess social and emotional learning.

Current projects and responsibilities:

Principal Investigator: Elementary school mindfulness-based substance use prevention program (Phase II SBIR). The purpose of this project is to complete the development of and evaluate the efficacy of the Master Mind program, a mindfulness education, substance abuse prevention program for elementary school children.

Co-Principal Investigator: Web-based resource for youth about clinical research (Phase II SBIR). The purpose of this project is to develop and evaluate a web-based resource to educate youth about pediatric clinical trials and support their decision-making about participating in clinical trials.